A convention between the CDC, the Region Lorraine, the French State & Arelor Hlm on “energy efficiency loans” (Ecopret) for social landlords

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The State signed the convention altogether with the Lorrain region and other partners (Arelor and CDC) in 2014 in order to achieve the objectives set in the national Plan ‘Batiment
et Habitat Durables’. The programme fits also in the regional scheme ‘Climat Air Energy’ (SRCAE) which was adopted by the regional authority in 2012.

Issues tackled

The objective of the scheme is to renovate 30 % of social housing until 2020 (104KWh/m2/year). Since 2009, social landlords are mobilized to promote the rehabilitation of their HLM. They have been pursuing a policy of rehabilitation, associating tenants with the improvement of energy performance. The energy efficiency loans and the mobilization of the ERDF over 2014-2020 should make it possible to amplify the thermal renovation of the social housing stock in Lorraine and thus contribute to the objective of controlling energy consumption, improving purchasing power and employment development.

Concerning the allocation, the budget itself is dedicated to cover energy loans. Each partner (CDC and Conseil régional) handles applications on its own, but applying the same conditions for loans for energy renovation. The loans vary from 5 to 25 years, €9000 to €16000 per household depending on the aimed energy label. The CDC complements the whole budget with its loan (up to 35 years) in order to allow social landlords to complete the financing plan for these rehabilitation operations. «Ecopret» is a national scheme and all HLM organizations can all benefit from it. Combined with local/ regional subsidies, in total 150.000 dwellings will be renovated.

Actors involved

  • Region Lorraine
  • Arelor Hlm
  • French Government
  • Caisse de Depots


Such a dynamic marks a real national progress: +28% for the number of rehabilitated housing and among these +31% for those who change their energy label.



More information

Budget: €50 million ERDF support
(covers 15 000 households)

Timeframe: 2014 – 2020

Association Territoriale Hlm de Lorraine

Clémence Dor, Region Grand Est

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