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Many European cities face housing problems nowadays. Adequate housing is an important element of the quality of life for all. A group that is affected by high apartment rents to a large extent are young people starting their adult life. They often have relatively low incomes and are ineligible for a loan. On the other hand, the representatives of Generation Y are willing to move and travel to get a satisfying job and they do not want any financial commitments.

Poznań Social Housing Association (PTBS) decided to create an affordable housing programme “Apartments for graduates” which would respond to the needs of university graduates to retain young talents in the city. The combination of affordable rental costs and good housing conditions has resulted in very high demand for the flats in the programme. Tenants are chosen based on applications, and they have to meet several criteria.

Affordable housing is one of the crucial elements that can attract people to the city. The programme also supports universities and local employers who gain young and qualified staff. The applicants for the programme are obliged to pay taxes in Poznań which contributes to the development of the city.

Actors involved

  • Poznań Social Housing Association
  • Generation Y


Young people can afford to live in a new apartment by paying affordable rent. The programme allowed to increase the quality of life of young people and helped them become more independent. It enables them to settle in Poznań which stops the negative city migration trend.

This stability is helpful in setting up a family. The rent is appropriate for the financial situation of young people and the surface area and localization of the apartments are appropriate for their needs, with a very convenient location. A city park, forest, or astronomy dome are situated nearby. Public services are easily accessible. Owing to the above-mentioned reasons, the area is exceptional: full of light and greenery and at the same time close to the city centre and its well-developed infrastructure.

Why it works

The programme is aimed at creating good housing conditions for young people, but it also contributes to the overall development of the city as it boosts its economic and social development by providing new well-educated employees and creating a lively neighbourhood.

The contracts can be signed for a period of up to 10 years. After this period of time, tenants are obliged to leave the apartment. Then they get a possibility of concluding an indefinite tenancy agreement in other apartments of PTBS or they can join the rent-to-own programme.

Tools used

The City Hall positively assessed the multicriteria analysis on the use of the land. The business plan was evaluated by financial institutions in the loan procedure. The investment was positively reviewed by external auditors.



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