‘Apprentoit’ housing young apprentices in rural areas

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The ‘Apprentoit’ project was initiated by Ciliopee Habitat in Agen, Lot et Garonne, France. This project is specifically designed to help apprentices who need a double accommodation – close to work and close t owhere training is located. This education path combines studying and working throughout the year and is called ‘alternance’.

Issues tackled

The issue dealt with is the lack of offers for work placements in rural areas, where no short term affordable accommodation options are available.


To respond to this challenge Cliopee offers about 30 dwellings in 11 rural areas (consisting of 2 to 4 furnished rooms each with independent bathroom and a small kitchen), as well as accommodation available close to the training centre in Agen. Apprentices who are part of this scheme only have to sign one lease contract to access the two accommodations.



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