Donaufelder Strasse 115 – Viennese circular residence

Vienna, Austria Construction and Development, Environment and Resource efficiency, Local social sustainability


Donaufelder Strasse 115 is a residential building consisting of 54 apartments, one day care center and one supervised flat-sharing community for young people.


The main goal of the HOUSEFUL project is to develop and demonstrate innovative integrated circular services focused on the optimal management and use of water, waste, energy and material resources during all stages of the life cycle of residential buildings (new and existing).

The buildings for the demo sites were selected based on the following criteria:

  • Spatial/geographical distribution;
  • Differences in social, cultural and current practices on housing;
  • Differences in national regulations regarding construction and refurbishment;
  • Common European building archetypes, scale and number of dwellers per building;
  • Climate differences;
  • Common challenges shared by construction companies, related professionals and regional/national housing agencies.

Moreover, three of the considered buildings are social housing buildings, since one of HOUSEFUL’s objectives is to demonstrate solutions capable of improving the circularity level of low-income buildings.

Issues tackled

The building is located in the 21st district of Vienna (“Floridsdorf”) and, from a technical point of view, it is comparable to approximately 70% of residential buildings in Austria. Therefore, it is an interesting role model for replication and dissemination activities in HOUSEFUL.

HOUSEFUL will provide an advance in this building’s circularity by offering solutions for their calculation (S1), new methodologies for stakeholder engagement (S2) and co-creation of innovative solutions on materials (S3, S4), waste (S9) and energy resources (S11). Find out more about the HOUSEFUL innovative circular solutions scheme here.



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