Future Living Homes

Berlin , Germany Construction and Development, Environment and Resource efficiency, Local social sustainability, Target groups of housing


Future Living Homes stands for a multi-generational residential area that enables different target groups to experience the living of the future at affordable standard market rents. It is located within the newly developed district of Future Living Berlin, which is based around pillars of sustainability and inclusion. From the space-efficient 1-room apartment to the spacious 4-room apartment, it offers spaces for singles, couples, families and for shared apartments for seniors or students. Common lobby / entrance areas promote communication and enable efficient use of space. The units are equipped with intelligent supportive systems that can be tailored to the needs of the tenant everyday routines, this has proven to be especially helpful with the aging inhabitants.


The 70 apartments in 6 double residential towers (houses 4-15) offer their residents an intelligent living environment that has been preconfigured by experts and can be individualized by voice or app. It provides support in everyday life, increases comfort, security and mobility, and thus enables living in your own four walls into old age. The intelligent equipment consisting of actuators (such as lights, loudspeakers, etc.) and sensors (such as presence detectors, door contacts, etc.) is integrated in the building. In addition, online services can be integrated to intelligently and unobtrusively support the residents in their different daily routines. For example, time of day, incidence of light and presence are taken into account in order to provide exactly the right light in every situation. Even with physical limitations, the living functions such as light, water, door access etc. can be accessed with minimal effort. In addition, acoustic or optical signals as well as automated security mechanisms prevent dangerous situations from occurring with limited vision or hearing.

Why it works

The design approach of the project is committed to universal design. In universal design, buildings and apartments are naturally built and furnished in such a way that everyone can use them to the fullest extent possible. With its design, the homes leads to a positive living experience for all residents. The intelligent equipment is also used to enter the buildings and gives residents easy and barrier-free access. It is planned and implemented in cooperation with the project partners. Together with the residents and their usage data, it is further developed in a meaningful and user-oriented manner in order to continuously improve the offer.



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