Groene Mient – energy community and cooperative housing

The Hague, Netherlands Energy Communities


The social ecological housing project Groene Mient consists of 33 sustainable homes on a 7600 m2 plot of land on the Mient in the Vruchtenbuurt district of The Hague, in a green environment and close to the sea. The common social and ecological values of the Association Groene Mient are the guiding principles of the joint housing project, which encompasses the sprirt and values of the co-housing movement. The housing project is shaped according to a common architectural design, but within this, each house differs from each other according to the wishes of the individual households. The homes surround a communal ecological garden, which also includes a communal building as a meeting space.

Self-sufficiency of energy, use of non-fossil fuels, innovative technology, natural and sustainable materials, reuse of materials and water, and accessible and flexible housing are important parts of the construction of the housing project.

The residential project was designed by the partnership of The Hague-based firms Architektenkombinatie and FilliéVerhoeven in close cooperation with the future residents. Construction of the residential project was carried out by Breda-based construction company Sprangers. Experience with co-op projects and sustainable construction were important criteria in this choice of architects and construction company. Groene Mient was assisted in the realisation of the project by the agency Buildingcommunity.

Groene Mient is the first CPO in The Hague to realise such a large social and ecological housing project.


Terrain area : 7653m2
Built-up area: 2089m2
33 different homes
Gross floor area of ​​the completed homes: 4819 m2
Usable area of ​​the completed homes: 4150m2
GBO/GFA: 0.86
Construction costs including installations: < € 1000/m2 GFA including VAT Value increase of a house according to broker’s valuation: >15%
Housing budgets at the start of the CPO: € 165,000 – € 365,000
Construction costs upon completion: € 155,000 – € 265,000
Desired living space at the start of the CPO: 90 -180m2
Realized living space: 85 – 165m2
Period start of the Green Association Mient up to and including official opening: January 2013 – September 2017
Start construction January 2016, delivery May-June 2017

Why it works

It is about creating an open residential community, a community where the central values ​​of living together in friendship and respect, care for each other and for the neighbourhood, and responsible use of energy, raw materials and food, prevail. Where there is also room for creativity, own initiative and privacy. Where diversity and individuality are the norm.


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