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Gentilly and Arcueil, France Environment and Resource efficiency


Completion of the 10-year renovation project of Le Chaperon-Vert, a public housing district from the 60’s at the gate of Paris.he renovation of the last block of the residence, six buildings comprising 264 housing units. 


Built in the 1950s on former market gardens occupied by a shanty town, the Chaperon-Vert briefly held the record for the largest low-cost housing estate (HLM) in Île-de-France. More than fifty years after its construction, the district embarked into a urban renewal project (ORU) of the National Agency for Urban Renovation (ANRU).

Ten years of work, 23 buildings renovated, more than 1,400 housing units concerned: the urban renewal operation of the Chaperon-Vert district has now been completed between Arcueil and Gentilly. A € 300 million project supervised by Opaly, social housing provider, who has officially celebrated the culmination of the very last stage.

It is “Îlot 5” and its six buildings that ended this ambitious project on the Arcueil side. There are no longer 264 dwellings, but 249: 157 have been renovated or restructured, 92 have been extended. At the heart of this now more airy enclave stretches a veritable landscaped square with play and rest areas and fruit trees.

Carried out in an “occupied environment”, without going through the rehousing of the inhabitants, the renovation works were complicated for tenants. The objective of Opaly was to keep residents in the neighbourhood.


Issues tackled

The overall aim of the renovation project was to improve the comfort, design  and energy and thermal performance of the buildings. The Chaperon-Vert suffered as well, like many other similar housing estates at the time, from the space taken by surrounding roads and parking lots (such as the A6 motorway) which generated important levels of noise and air pollution as well as an important lack of shared green spaces. 

Actors involved

  • Agence RVA ( Dominique Renaud & Philippe Vignaud Associés ) - Architecture, Urbanisme, Paysage.
  • Opaly
  • EPDC - bureaux d’études tous corps d’état
  • MEBI - économistes
  • IET - bureau d’études environnemental

Actions carried out

  • The metal shutters and the other façade elements have been restored, only the balconies have been replaced by perforated metal, to create more privacy, with the same color as the extensions.
  • The interior facades were dressed in a light sand-colored aluminum envelope.
  • Prefabricated reinforced concrete system (slabs, beams, etc.) were installed with a brick panel infill.
  • About 1,000 square meters of living space were been added by thickening the walls.
  • Balconies have been replaced by perforated metal, to create more privacy, with the same color as the extensions
  • Five "largely marginalised" squares in the district have been completely redeveloped for better access to the heart of the block, and to promote biodiversity while including new “exchange spaces”.
  • Public consultations with tenants were organised to co-design the future of the Chaperon-Vert and the indoor housing conditions.


  • Seven work sites were created, with the idea that each would have its own identity. And if the red brick remains on the street side (the facades were however cleaned), various facings were retained inside the blocks. The number 5, for example, displays a shiny golden metal.
  • The garden of “Îlot 4”, designed by Thierry Jourd’heuil with residents, won the silver prize of the Landscape Victories in 2018
  • All homes now achieve label C in energy performance (annual consumption less than 150 kWh / square meters) thanks to work on the equipment and facade envelopes. 



More information

Arcueil (94) – Chaperon vert Réhabilitation de 264 logements




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