Promoting wider recruitment and strengthen the matching of skills in the construction sector in Stockholm

Stockholm, Sweden Construction and Development
EU funded project



In the frame of innovation and sustainable growth, Stockholm region implemented the Sverige bygger nytt project, the Swedish Public Employment Service, together with several
municipalities, district administrations, industry associations and trade unions, to promote wider recruitment and strengthen the provision and matching of skills in the construction sector.

This is carried out through making use of the competences of recently arrived immigrants and novative citizens. Work on core values, skills, language support and workplace-based learning will be strengthened and better matched with jobs in occupations facing shortages in the sector.


Actors involved

  • Swedish Public Employment Service
  • Industry associations
  • Trade unions
  • Municipalities

Why it works

Development projects underline the desire in the Stockholm Region that ERDF should contribute to coherent strategic initiatives. This is achieved by concentrating resources, creating synergy through the funds and by using ‘the Stockholm model’ – a new model for the implementation of funding. This means that Cohesion Policy is more closely linked to overall regional growth policy and its resources in the county, and contributes to greater interaction among regional players to create coherent strategic initiatives. In this way, although the Structural Funds’ budget in the Stockholm Region is among the lowest in Europe, the region will still be able to launch and implement large and important projects



More information

Total budget: SEK 60 million (50 % ESF)

Timeframe: 2016-2020

More info: mag58_en.pdf ( page 23-25
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