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“Making renting easy.”


From hunting to offering and from long-term frustration to instant clarity. The Mitros initiative qlinker ‒ a completely digital association ‒ turns traditional housing association processes upside down to serve tenants in a way that is as customer-friendly as possible. What we are doing is better serving our tenants and doing so in a more customer friendly way; this is the intrinsic motivation that gave rise to qlinker. At the moment, we have free disposal of people’s free time and ask them to adhere to our rules and conditions. Tenants are at our mercy. Although they have to fill in sixteen forms, they just do it: anything for the chance of a rental property. Our dream is to organise housing distribution – including moving up the ladder – in the best way possible so that it has the biggest possible effect.



qlinker is a new housing association for social housing in the Dutch city of Utrecht. They aim to make renting as easy as possible for everyone. Qlinker is completely digital. An employee remains available at important moments.

Issues tackled

Placing the tenant in the lead of your process asks for several technical and organisational solutions

Actors involved

  • Mitros - a social housing provider based in the Netherlands

Actions carried out

  • No use off an ERP. Developing of API’s
  • Design the app
  • Digitalize processes


A complete digital housing process reducing human administration efforts from 6 days to 6 hours.

People can download the qlinker app to start searching for the social dwellings that are made available through qlinker, a digital housing provider.

Reparation requests are don through the qlinker app as well.


Why it works

Act, start and solve your first problems on the run



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