Social Green-Regional policies towards Greening the Social Housing Sector

Organizational structures
EU funded project


Issues tackled

The Socialgreen project is oriented to jointly tackling the topic of housing deprivation and energy efficiency in the scope of social housing sector towards a lower carbon economy. The overall objective is to improve regional policy instruments targeting the link between social housing sector and fuel poverty with green building interventions considering policy, institutional, financial and technical levels.

Actors involved

  • Advisory partner: Nordregio -Nordi
  • Centre for Spatial Development (Sweden)
  • Agencies and Managing Authorities
  • Portugal, Spain, Croatia, Estonia, Sweden, Romania

Actions carried out

  • Sharing and transferring innovative methodologies between regions on green policies during study visits, workshops, bi-lateral meetings
  • Preparation of reports, good practices guides and regional action plans


Through this cooperation, regions shared and transferred innovative methodologies and processes in developing and implementing greener social housing sector policies, targeting new constructions or retrofitting existing buildings. For doing so, study visits, good practices workshop, etc. were organised. Within this interregional learning process the regions involved developed self-assessment reports, good practices guides and regional action plans.

The partnership included 8 partners from 6 countries, with capacity to influence the policy instruments related to greening the social housing sector.



More information

Total budget: €1188758 from programme Interreg (under ERDF)

Timeframe: 2016-2020

More info: Ryan Weber, Project Manager
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