Social inclusion of segregated communities through an integrated urban rehabilitation program

Kaposvàr, Hungary Construction and Development, Environment and Resource efficiency, Local social sustainability, Target groups of housing
EU funded project



The project aims to improve the living conditions the tenants living in the social housing stock of the municipality as well
as to create a liveable community in such a way that the social skills and self-preservation of the people living here can be improved through the opportunities offered.
The strategic objective is the social inclusion through an integrated program, including segregated segments in the Cseri suburbs: physical renewal of the residential environment (renovation of buildings, institutional renovations, public and community development, activities to enhance the residential function).

Major technical interventions during the reconstruction of residential buildings:
• Asbestos removal of the roof of a residential building.
• Façade insulation improves energy efficiency.
• Renovation and insulation of roof structure, roof, facade, slabs.
• Modernization: design of individual gas heating systems, exchange of internal conduit systems (water, drainage, gas).
• Floor plan rescheduling of flats to enhance comfort and comfort (floor space expansion, interior wall dismantling, tiling, etc.).
Other activities include the establishment of a community garden altogether with a communal composting site, the renovation and construction of the fence of the property, establishment of accessible parking space, and accessibility measures in the buildings.

Actors involved

  • City of Kaposvàr

Actions carried out

  • Retrofit and reconstruction of 12 social rental apartments of the municipality (energy efficiency measures & installation of solar panels)
  • Creating a community garden and communal coposting site
  • Demolition of 2 break-down apartments


At the end of the operations, each of the 12 apartments had a private bathroom, a private toilet and a storage
room. The apartments are thus comfortably equipped, with electric current, gas boiler-operated gas heating, hot and cold water supply. There are altogether 24 solar cells on the south-facing roof of the building which are connected to individual electricity meters per apartment. (6 solar cells with 260 watts per dwelling).



More information

Total budget: €647 249 (88 % from ERDF)

Timeframe: 2016-2019

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