Solidarity Co-Housing

Rennes , France Human Resources, Local social sustainability, Target groups of housing


This project is carried out by Archipel Habitat, in cooperation with Est Métropole Habitat and Logi Parc in France. Inspired by the experience of “Kots à Projets”, developed by the university of Leuven (Belgium), the programme offers co-housing solutions for students who then not only share a home but are also requested to work together on a voluntary basis on a project benefiting the local community.  This initiative has been launched in several university cities : Poitiers, Rennes, Le Mans, Grenoble, Villeurbanne. The social housing provider manages the dwellings, and the association AFEV (Association de la Fondation Étudiante pour la Ville) puts together groups of students/flatmates and designs with them the community projects.

Actors involved

  • Archipel Habitat
  • AFEV (Association de la Fondation Étudiante pour la Ville)
  • KAPS (Koloc’ À Projets Solidaires)
  • Est Métropole Habitat
  • Logi Parc France


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