Svalin Co-Housing P2P Energy Community

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“We want to challenge the established rules and see this as a first step towards a popular movement for a sharing economy within the power sector”


Svalin is a co-housing community near Roskilde in Denmark. The 20 households in the community have decided to love a greener life. All houses and infrastructure in Svalin have been designed to accommodate solar panels, geothermic heat pumps, as well as electric vehicles. As of now, each household consumes its electricity generation, while transferring the electricity surplus to the electric grid under current Danish regulatory framework.


The intensions are to collectively consume 100% renewable and local energy by sharing their renewable energy generation among the community, thus avoiding the traditional intermediary parties.

Why it works

The community is geared towards not just own energy generation, but also raising awareness over energy usage in general. For example, the outdoor lighting system in the community changes colour depending on the CO2 emission level of the electric energy consumed in Denmark. Svalin households can use that information to decide when the best time to consume electricity is, i.e. times when the CO2 emissions are low.

In parallel real-time data measurements on energy import/export for the various houses, common house and the community as a whole are collected and on a mobile application for charging an EV using the DTU Charger Post (with different features for a Svalin resident and non-resident).


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