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Responsible Housing Award
“Improving communication between the board of directors and staff by introducing a direct communication tool. ”



FSM’s Board of Directors includes many stakeholders from the housing sector including locally elected officials from the Seine-etMarne department, the Melun Val de Seine Urban Community, the Seine-e t-Marne Departmental Council, the municipalities of Melun, Fontaine bleau, Provins and Le Mée-sur-Seine, tenants’ representatives etc. 65% of FSM’s registered capital is held by the municipalities of Melun, Le Mée-sur-Seine and Provins.
To facilitate the decision-making process within bodies such as boards of directors, tender committees and other strategic entities, FSM wishes to improve information for administrators and
shareholders with a dedicated Intranet.

A permanent information platform broadcasts news about the company and directs its users towards the various business information channels. As a result,
Committee and Board members can access a significant amount of information, including that relating to the legal developments in the
low-income housing sector.
In light of their strategic role, improving administrators ‘ information and awareness will give them a better understanding of the potential effects of certain decisions, enhancing the coherence of the organisation’s actions. This coherence will have a positive effect on how the organisation is managed and ultimately will allow it to deliver better services to tenants.

Issues tackled

The stakeholders are at the heart of corporate social responsibility initiatives and the ongoing dialogue between them
has become a central feature of their effective governance. As part of its CSR approach, FSM has made a commitment to improving communication with its Board of Directors.

Actors involved

  • FSM social housing company

Actions carried out

  • Development of a permanent information platform


This tool helps the FSM:
▶ Improve relations with the governing body.
▶ Make better decisions thanks to better sharing of data.
▶ Be better informed to comprehend investment-related issues.
▶ Follow up on all meetings at a later date.
▶ Provide a platform for listening, exchanging, sharing and answering all questions via an online form.

Why it works

While Intranets are usually “employee -oriented”, for the first time, in addition to the Intranet site for its employees (,
FSM is implementing a platform 100% dedicated to and designed for governance that facilitates the implementation of best decision making practices for administrators and shareholders.


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